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Enjoy OurSmooth, Robust Coffee

Pair One of These With Your Favorite Cigar or Tobacco....

House Blend

Containing 5 different coffees from Latin America, this blend offers an interesting mix of bright, slightly nutty flavors, combined with a medium body and acidity.

Italian Roast

Central and South American coffees are combined with winey African beans and taken to a dark roast level, creating a smooth, toasty blend.

Kona Extra Fancy

Hawaii's largest and best quality grade. Light bodied, clean and sweet with a vibrant acidity.

Sumatra Mandheling

This one has medium flavor, full body, light acidity, and a delicate light aroma that teases the nose senses.

Kenya AA

Offers beautifully large and uniform beans that pack a mild flavor and medium body. Expect a snappy acidity with a sweet aroma....Kenya AA is loved all over the world.

Colombia Supremo

"Supremo" is the largest, most evenly graded Colombian coffee. Renowned for its rich and mild flavor, with a balance of body and acidity.

Hazelnut Supreme

Bringing in the unique flavor of Oregon hazelnuts inspire this nutty and creamy coffee. Light roast, smooth body, sweet aroma.

Tanzania Peaberry

Grown on the Southern flanks of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Peaberry beans are the result of one round seed, rather than two flat ones. This has a floral aroma with a vibrant acidity. Medium body and flavor.

French Roast

Our blend of Central and South American beans create a dynamic, dark brew. Full and rich, slightly spicy but never bitter.

Portland Blend

In all parts of the country, this is our most popular blend. It starts with a light and bright mx of Central and South American Coffees, for brightness and aroma. Added to this base are velvet-toasted Latin American and Indonesian coffees for a full, rich flavor. We top this blend off with a moderate portion of French Roast, for depth and a bit of spice in the cup.

Espresso Deluxe

The mildest espresso we sell. This age-old blend creates a rich and tangy coffee that is both soothing and invigorating. Mild flavor and full body. Light acidity and mild aroma.

Other Flavors...

Vanilla Nut Cream, Kookie Doodle, Johnny's Blend, Salted Caramel

Come In and Get Your Coffee By The Bag! You Have The Freedom To Smell and Weigh It Yourself.