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Roll Your Own

Red River

This brand gives you a rough cut, with bold and traditional flavors. We currently offer regular, cool mint, and smooth flavors.

Bugler, Since 1932

Bugler is a non-aromatic tobacco that took over 4 years to develop. With long strands of bright flue-cured Virginia's that are meticulously combined with bold, air-cured Mahogany Burley's, the result is a rich and satisfying smoke.

Red Cap

You'll be provided with a trace of Cavendish tobacco that allows for the rich taste and flavorful aroma.

Smokin Joes

Low price, yet high quality mix of Virginia and Carolina tobaccos. They also do us the pleasure of keeping everything additive free.

4 Aces

This is a traditional and iconic brand bringing you a rich aromatic smell, with a moist and refined texture. You'll experience a blend of natural pipe tobaccos that give you a full, satisfying taste.
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